Data management

Let’s start with the bad news: when it comes to data, there are no shortcuts. It is always a challenge to gather data from fragmented sources and interpret it.

Anyone pretending it will be easy and magically automated is probably lying.

That said, we have helped each of our clients dealing with their data in a very reasonable time frame. So how does it work? We follow three steps:

We organize a workshop to understand precisely what we are talking about.

What piece of data is mandatory or not, how to retrieve it, in what form, etc. Good news: ROSE will adapt to your format export, not the opposite.

We make your data reliable and auditable.

Our data management system logs every data update, allows you to attach documents, indicates who is in charge of each datapoint.

We identify what can be automated and build these automations

No more manual data entry. It usually takes a few months to build all the automations you need

The overall approach is pragmatic. We don’t want you to get stuck because one piece of data is missing. You can always move forward and come back to it later.

Some of our clients also start their double materiality assessment from scratch. Good news, You can perform it in ROSE