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ROSE Framework

Return On Society & Environment

The platform that powers business sustainability - from ESG to Impact.

Our approach combines an assessment of companies' Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and Impact practices to fuel the implementation of a sustainability action plan.

Already used by 40+ companies in the DACH region.

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Assess to improve

The ROSE approach

ESG assessment and Impact strategy in line with regulations (SFDR, EU Taxonomy)


"The project was a great opportunity to think further about the global impact of CodeCheck."

- Mandy Hecht, COO of Codecheck

"Great initiative and every startup should do this, especially in the first 12 months to get this right from the start."

- Michael Peters, CEO of Sunvigo

"ROSE enabled us to think through the work we do and consider new angles to increase our impact."

- Anna Katharina Kamm, Everdrop

"ROSE has so much more experience on those topics. We learned a lot from that - very good process!"

- Claudia Korenko, Sastrify

"We knew we want to do “good”. But in terms of knowing how to measure and what you should aim for, ROSE was extremely helpful providing a guidance."

- Alex James, Global Savings Group

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