A word from our CEO,
Thaïs de Tribolet

Working closely with over 40 companies on their sustainability, I noticed a pattern. I was leading the START Global initiative dedicated to increasing businesses’ Return On Society and the Environment (ROSE). And as I was consulting businesses, I saw that despite putting substantial effort to understand sustainability and develop improvement plans, implementing the change very often fell short. Many struggled and failed to meet their goals.

In 2022 my Product & Tech Co-Founder Johannes and I started building the team and the product which today helps companies in some of the most challenging sectors when it comes to sustainability, to actually understand, track & manage their sustainability, starting from data. Fueled by the CSRD standards, our users are able to benefit from the same rigor and transparency in their sustainability data as what is expected of their financial data.

For our customers, doing the right thing has become easier than ever before. And if you’re wondering if ROSE can also be the right tool and approach for your organization, contact us for a discovery call to see how we could help.

We look forward to making a difference with you.

Better ROI
More Productivity
Improved Analytics


We strive to achieve balanced prosperity for the planet and humanity.


We believe in making it radically simple and fun to integrate the needs of nature and people into business decisions and developments.


We build tech products that provide transparency, empower our users, and make it simple to operationalize sustainability and track progress.

We combine hands-on sustainability expertise with Tech development.

Johannes Scharlach
CTO & Co-founder
Thaïs de Tribolet
CEO & Co-founder
Lorenzo Roveda
Sustainability Expert & Product
Valentine Willemin
Sustainability Analyst
Vitaliy Kariagin
Senior Software Engineer
Product Designer
Senior Product Designer

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