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EU regulations require companies to adhere to demanding legally binding standards for sustainability management. ROSE provides the workflows and tools your sustainability function needs to comply with EU regulations and get ready for reporting.

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What is Sustainability Management?

Sustainability covers Environmental, Societal, and Governance topics, both from an ethical and regulatory perspective.

Sustainable business management aims at reconciling companies’ operations and long-term existence with their broader contribution to society and impact on the environment.

Sustainability Management helps companies pursue a clear sustainability strategy that provides a lasting competitive advantage and captures market trends.

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Doing the right thing

Sustainable business practices are not optional. Today, sustainability management with clear targets and implementation plans is an ethical must-have.

Ensure competitiveness

Stakeholders' scrutiny is increasing. Customers, employees, and shareholders demand sustainable business operations and expect transformations from all companies.

Embrace regulatory changes

The EU parliament has approved major sustainability regulations. Companies with more than 250 employees or 40mEUR in turnover must start reporting on their sustainability impact from 2024.

Turn an overwhelming requirement to do the right thing into a rewarding opportunity.


ROSE is an end-to-end sustainability management software, providing a complete solution from data gathering to target implementation and cross-department collaboration.

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Making sustainability goal-setting and management easy to operationalize.

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