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Gather your data. Extract CSRD compliant reports. Define actions and follow progress. Discover ROSE, the all-in one sustainability management platform.

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Why ROSE? Resolving the sustainability manager’s paradox

Sustainability managers suffer an increasing pressure from:

Overwhelming regulations with increasing complexity & growing demands from suppliers and clients to show progress.

But at the same time, they work with:

How do we resolve this?
Reduced staff
Fragmented data
no tool to engage and track


Resolving the sustainability paradox

But at the same time, they operate with:

Reduced dedicated staff
Fragmented data
No tool to get to grips with sustainability

When it comes to sustainability, companies know that:

Regulations are increasingly complex
Clients and suppliers ask them to show progress
Become more sustainable is the right thing to do

How do we resolve this?

We have built a platform that revolves around the sustainability manager. It is based on three pillars.

Data gathering
All your data in one place. Data is always scattered in different places. Gather it and make it as reliable as financial information. See how it works.
Whether it is your auditor, your client or your supplier asking for information, you must be ready. With ROSE, you can build reports in real time and extract what you need.
Actions management & progress tracking
Being compliant is not only providing the right report anymore. The CSRD commands you to track and prove the progress you make every year.

More than reporting compliance

We empower organizations to generate value and gain competitive advantage through active sustainability management practices instead of only dealing with its constraints.

Discover how

Even the best software in the world will not be enough if you don’t get the right support. With ROSE, you rely on a team of experts from the ESG world. We are there to help you decode the CSRD, gather your data and setup your reports. We don’t let go of your hand until you feel autonomous and empowered enough.

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