Turn sustainability goals into operational actions.

The ROSE software empowers all companies to establish, implement and communicate their sustainability strategy. ROSE makes it easy to set and operationalize goals in line with the latest EU regulations, collaborate across your organization and track your progress.

How it works

How does the ROSE web app for sustainability management work

1. Start with assessing your ESG practices

Get a clear picture of where you stand in max 3 hours.

Save dozen of hours and synthesize months of research in a simple assessment.

The assessment is based on major sustainability reporting frameworks like GRI, SASB, and the new Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).

ESG practices assessment, based on double-materiality assessment in line with the CSRD

Overview of ESG double-materiality assessment and ESG KPIs taking into account Industry benchmarks and SASB standards

2. Analyze & Map material topics for your company

Understand what the material topics for your business are.

Perform a double-materiality analysis and understand the most important sustainability drivers for your business.

3. Set targets & milestones

Gain guidance on setting realistic and benchmarked targets.

Organize your strategy around KPIs and set milestones based on your materiality assessment directly in the platform.

Set ESG and sustainability target with KPIs based on double-materiality assessment in line with CSRD

Take action on every material topic, get step by step guidance

4. Act - Operationalize to reach your goals

Receive tailored recommendations on how to improve your results.

Operationalize your ambition and define timelines, assign responsible, collaborate across teams and track progress.

5. Track your progress

Keep track of your actions.

Monitor the progress and impact of your actions on your strategic targets and KPIs.

Take action on every material topic, get step by step guidance


Double-materiality assessment

Understand the material topics for your business in line with CSRD.

Targets & milestones setting

Set actionable goals and milestones with quantitative KPIs according to your material topics.

Step-by-step guidance

Receive tailored guidance based on your unique materiality assessment and goals .

Live collaboration

Engage your colleagues working with you on the implementation. Collaborate directly in the platform.

Progress tracking

Track real-time progress of your KPIs and actions in a unified dashboard.

1-click exports

Export impactful reports in just 1 click - your materiality assessment, your progress overview, your goals & targets.

"Working with ROSE on our ESG position was beneficial in many ways. (...) We particularly appreciated the concrete action plan that came out of their assessment, which we are now implementing."

- Benoit Henry, CEO Certifaction

"We knew we want to do “good”. But in terms of knowing how to measure and what you should aim for, ROSE was extremely helpful providing guidance."

- Alex James, Global Savings Group

"ROSE enabled us to think through the work we do and consider new angles to increase our impact."

- Anna Katharina Kamm, Everdrop

"ROSE has so much more experience on sustainability management. We learned a lot from that - very good process!"

- Claudia Korenko, Sastrify

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Making sustainability goal-setting and management easy to operationalize.

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