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CSRD is the most comprehensive and demanding European regulation on Sustainability. It is the new standard for corporate sustainability disclosure. ROSE is the End-to-End solution for companies to comply with corporate reporting requirements and manage their entire sustainability function into one platform.

What's happening💡

With the new ESRS (European Sustainability Reporting Standards) having been approved July 31st 2023, Europe is setting an unprecedented high bar on sustainability reporting.

More than 50'000 businesses in Europe will be required to start establishing their sustainability function following a demanding process.

At ROSE, we use the CSRD as a blueprint for a workflow that guides you through the ESRS, from a blank sheet to being ready to report.

How it works

How does the ROSE web app for sustainability management work

Product Overview & Modules

Double-materiality Perform your assessment in line with the ESRS

Materiality matrix Module dedicated to involving your stakeholders smoothly

Data gathering From first manual inputs to live ERP integrations

Carbon footprint Scope 1, 2 & 3 starting from first manual inputs to automatized live updates

Set targets & action plans Define targets and track your progress in line with CSRD

Groups & complex business entities ROSE enables complex subsidiaries and sites aggregation.

Perform a double-materiality assessment

Understand what the material topics for your business are.

Perform a double-materiality analysis and understand the most important sustainability drivers for your business.

Overview of ESG double-materiality assessment and ESG KPIs taking into account Industry benchmarks and SASB standards

ESG practices assessment, based on double-materiality assessment in line with the CSRD

Involve your stakeholders

The ESRS require cross-checking the double-materiality findings with key stakeholders such as customers, suppliers, employees, board members.

The result of this research yields the materiality matrix which most commonly maps the interest on sustainability matters from the company (x axis) in relationship to the ones of stakeholders (y axis). These insights are then instrumental throughout the ESRS.

Gather your data and start tracking your ESRS-aligned metrics

From manual inputs and automated CSV upload to ERP integrations, the ROSE software supports all levels of data collection and automation.

ROSE helps you turn your raw data into ESRS-aligned metrics.

ESG practices assessment, based on double-materiality assessment in line with the CSRD

Set ESG and sustainability target with KPIs based on double-materiality assessment in line with CSRD

Data gathering - Special focus

Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF)

In today's world and especially with the new ESRS, most companies are required to measure their Carbon Footprint.

We put special emphasis on developing a solution that guides you in your first(s) CCF and provides for increasing automatization and scalability.

Set & track targets

In line with the ESRS, all companies will be required to set targets, which will be mapped to actions and defined in policies.

Take action on every material topic, get step by step guidance

Take action on every material topic, get step by step guidance

Define & implement action plans

Receive tailored recommendations on how to improve your practices.

Operationalize your ambition, define timelines, assign responsibilities, collaborate across teams an,d track progress.

Monitor the progress and impact of your actions on your strategic targets and KPIs.


Multiple business units, production sites or subsidiaries?

We support all business types but specialize in companies with complex group structures, production sites and large employee base. Typical use cases are holding structures with (dozens of) subsidiaries, or companies with decentralized productions and global supply chains.

ROSE supports direct data inputs but can also enable the creation of own workspaces, for example, per subsidiaries which then aggregate at the group level.


Interested in knowing how ROSE can help your organization?

"Working with ROSE on our ESG position was beneficial in many ways. (...) We particularly appreciated the concrete action plan that came out of their assessment, which we are now implementing."

- Benoit Henry, CEO Certifaction

"We knew we want to do “good”. But in terms of knowing how to measure and what you should aim for, ROSE was extremely helpful providing guidance."

- Alex James, Global Savings Group

"ROSE enabled us to think through the work we do and consider new angles to increase our impact."

- Anna Katharina Kamm, Everdrop

"ROSE has so much more experience on sustainability management. We learned a lot from that - very good process!"

- Claudia Korenko, Sastrify

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