Manage multiple business units

The ROSE Software solution allows Group-level companies and Asset Managers to gather data from sub-entities and engage them across different level of company structure.

ROSE is designed for organizations with sub-entities

Use cases


Gather non-financial data from your loan clients or private equity portfolio. Applications are typically SFDR reporting, risk management or client engagement.

Group companies

On top of data gathering, Group Sustainability responsible can use ROSE, to engage sub-entities and monitor progress on the operational level too.

Asset managers

Data gathering, compliance, sustainable investment thesis, reporting & engagement - the use of ROSE for AM are multiple and all perfectly tailored.

How does the ROSE web app for sustainability management work

Seamless data management

Send data requests to your sub-entities through user-friendly questionnaires and keep track of the data submission status at all times.

Receive the data from sub-entities seamlessly into your system. Integrate with your own Business Intelligence tools or even CRM.

ESG practices assessment, based on double-materiality assessment in line with the CSRD

Overview of ESG double-materiality assessment and ESG KPIs taking into account Industry benchmarks and SASB standards

Aggregated overview

Visualize all your sub-entities' non-financial metrics in a tailored dashboard.

Compare companies, create tailored exports, understand progress and visualize all your non-financial data into one place.


Overview at one glance

Track your non-financial data in a unified dashboard.

Exports & progress reports

Define and export your own reports and progress overview


Through ROSE, you can go beyond data gathering and support your sub-entities in setting targets and taking action in line with the CSRD.

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ROSE Framework

Making sustainability goal-setting and management easy to operationalize.

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